What does this have to do with us?

We covered some 100 miles in the car.

I suppose that means that, after all, people taken for a sucker give off a 'sucker aura'.

I admired Raul.

Don't flush yet, we've been cut out the water supply.

Anne tautologically said that tautological tautology is tautological.

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Almost everybody does that.

A little boy named Marilyn asked me where Micky was.

I'm sure yours doesn't quite compare mine.

Though autumn gales are less clement than summer zephyrs, they are more exciting.

Stop fooling around and help me!

What... you still don't know how to drive?

Amanda and I had the same dream.

Sadako's friends wanted to build a monument to her and all children who were killed by the atomic bomb.

I don't want you touching my stuff.

The apples that he sent to me were delicious.

Marie has been in Boston for a long time.

I know now what I have to do.

Why are you acting like a child?

I fought against the exploitation of the people.

We're not that far from my place.

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Sanche led Ken into the cave.

He is too ready to speak.

The possession of intellect is what distinguishes us from wild animals.

I checked and rechecked, so I don't think there are any mistakes on that report.

Are you sure you don't want a little more spaghetti?

I attribute it to the superior quality of the wine, sir.

The old man lost his will to live.

Don't let your ice cream melt.

I wore a coat so I wouldn't catch a cold.

I can only advise everyone to take three days and learn Toki Pona.

I'm going straight home.

Has Spencer's dog ever bitten Pratap?

There are many kinds of animals in the zoo.

Once upon a time there dwelt in the land of Erin a young man who was seeking a wife, and of all the maidens round about none pleased him as well as the only daughter of a farmer.

I slipped on the paper and hurt my leg.

Has Shai always been overweight?

My tummy is not happy today.

Without his pants, the general looks less impressive.

Sidney is undependable, I think.

I'm an atheist.

Sandra has done some time.

You need to understand how big this problem is.

Christopher had dark black hair when he was younger.

You aren't looking.

Lynn has promised to help.

I will not abandon you.

Could you open this door for me?


We'll take some snow in December, or maybe February!

The lake is the deepest in Japan.

There is nothing that cannot be translated.

He is German by birth.

He enjoys a good social life.

Shot in the head, Wes collapsed to the ground.

Was Leila in Boston yesterday?

She asked a very good question.

Phill was crazy, you know.


If Rajesh had done that to me, I'd be furious.

I'm also learning Amharic.

This machine can dig giant holes.

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I took it for granted that he would keep his word.


I felt profound reverence for the courageous mother.

You aren't as short as me.

Cathy is likely to be put on probation.

How will you get back?

Audrey decided to step back and allow Jianyun to handle things for a while.


Are you going to give this to her?

Ernest reached for the door.

You must be accurate in counting.

I wasn't prepared.

My sister plays the piano every day.

We certainly should've won.

It is unfair to ask someone to be like you.

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Big fucking deal!

When a cloud passed in front of the sun, I felt chilly in my wet clothes.

I'll give you what you need.

I'm giving you a choice.

I suggested that he follow my advice.

We don't want to miss our flight.

We're not doing anything wrong.

My uncle is in his forties.

He seems to know the secret.

I never fail to take a bath every day.

I wonder how Ramneek got there.

I'm counting on you to keep an eye on Hotta.

How much more do we have to do?

Vincent has told Lynne everything he knows.

The autopsy confirmed that Suwandi died from a gunshot wound.


If you should see Celia, give her my best wishes.


It's unbelievable how fast time flies.

I'll look after them.

I think you like them.

I can finally die in peace.

I assume you have a passport.

Catherine can be a little difficult to work with.

Our school was not the same size as yours.

The room was very untidy.

This room has fine view of the mountain.

The best thing in the world for a man is to choose a good wife, the worst being to mistakenly choose an ill-suited one.

We can't leave Elliot behind.

Can you deliver that?

This story may be adaptable for a television program.


We shall go on reading this book till the end of the year.

I will come provided I am well enough.

Pratt has a nice car, a nice home and a good job.

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Lukas tried to conceal his disappointment.

She easily takes offence at trifles.

Kee has done this before, I can tell.

But why did he do it?

I was wondering when you were going to tell me you loved me.

Kee didn't agree with Pierce about the matter.

We sent some flowers to the hospital to cheer her up.

What was wrong with the old one?

Go get your hair cut.

Flight reconfirmation, please.

Rajiv can't taste the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine.

It's only a minor misunderstanding.

Paola didn't recognize anyone in the photo.

They're cooking now.

I don't think we can trust him.

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Everything seemed to be OK.

To whose house are you going?

The time has passed very quickly.

Ernest will get used to it.

You didn't tell anybody about Tommy, did you?


Were you mean to her?


World War I lasted from 1914 until 1918.

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I'm going to be talking to them.

Don't talk to her.

He worked hard to no purpose.

Do you want to do something together?

Everyone must memorize these words.

Knut seems to be the only one who isn't here.

The lack of a public sphere in Europe is being felt increasingly keenly.

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Everything went well with him.

If I cut badly, than I cut badly!

She really is a legend, isn't she?

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A mirror can be made out of metal or glass.

Do one thing at a time.

Listen to me.

Let's see how the candidate's bigoted opinions will affect the outcome of the election.

Spyros is going to need a push.

What will you wear?

Nanda is a child psychologist, right?

James is extremely unstable.

Scarcely had the dog seen me before in ran away.

Would you give me a cup of coffee?

We're sure of that.

I felt something crawling on my back.

May God bless the Americans we lost this morning. May He comfort their families. May God continue to watch over this country that we love.

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Does Brenda have ponytail?


If Sarah Palin is elected president, Canada will be flooded with American immigrants.

Why don't you quit what you're doing and come out for a walk?

I wish you could've come with us.


I wonder what scared them.

Let's be honest. That joke was about me.

Anderson had his wallet stolen.

Mr Johnson is self-employed and deals in repairing furniture.

That restaurant's too expensive.


Cape Dezhnev is 30 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

We bought a house.

Lex and Bernie are playing chess.


What time do you leave your work?

My father bought a new car.

You startled me.

We weren't paying attention.

I don't understand why she is opposed to my opinion.

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You could see the weevils that have infested the rice.

You know they won't allow you to do that, right?

He had to reduce the price of his wares.


Winston unplugged the TV.


The rapid growth in imports amazes us.

Did you just call me a jerk?

Not just 'child's independence'. Parents must also become independent of their children.